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Do you run electrical or plumbing?

In order to run a sub-panel or additional breaker box, you'd need a licensed electrician and a permit. However, for our sheds we run shore power (AKA an RV Plug) so that you could basically run an extension from your home or outdoor plug to the shed itself! We wire a couple of outlets on the inside so that you can power you basic necessities in an easy and convenient way.
You will also need a licensed plumber as well as a permit for running any plumbing and we do not typically do those jobs. We find that a lot of off-grid options are great work-arounds for this though! We've got a ton of resources and ideas on these and would love to chat

Do I need a permit for a shed?

No permit necessary! In the state of California, you can put up a structure up to 120 square feet without a permit as it is considered a "shed". If you'd like to chat more about this or want a structure larger than 10'x12' definitely reach out to us! We'd be happy to answer questions or work with you on your own specifications.

What do I do about the flooring?

All you need for our sheds is a flat and level surface, and depending on your property and access we do have the experience and equipment to create most foundations! Definitely schedule a design consultation with us to see if we can do that or if it needs to be referred to a local landscaper. For foundation options, we have clients who have used decomposed granite, concrete, compacted dirt, or even gravel. As long as it’s flat and level, we can work with it!

Do you take clients in my neighborhood?

We design, build, and install for clients all across the state of California. For out of state clients, we provide design and fabrication and use shipping pods to send the pieces to you. From there you’d need to hire a local professional to install the structure.

Can I elect to use new materials in my shed?

Yes of course! We have had clients in the past choose to use new materials and we’re happy to accommodate! 

Do you have other styles that are not rustic? Something more modern?

We definitely do! One of our recent builds (in our gallery under she-sheds #114) was a modern farmhouse aesthetic and we love doing all different styles! We just find that a lot of our clients enjoy that rustic look!

How long is the build process and installation?

Depending on the complexity of the design and if the shed is insulated or not, build time can vary from 4-12 weeks but the beautiful thing is that we build entirely in our shop and deliver it to your property for a quick installation of 1-2 days! There’s minimal work done at your house and we can even arrange weekend installations if need be!

I don’t have any design ideas, can I still get a shed that reflects what I want?

Absolutely, yes! The beauty of the design process is that every single person has their own unique and distinct character, style, and taste and we have been able to put those dreams and ideas, no matter how abstract, into a shed that reflects what they are looking for. Through our design services, we offer an expert opinion and eye towards not only creating a beautiful shed but also designing a layout that is optimal for how you'll use it, highlights views, or hides unwanted sights in your yard!

I live in a high wind or high rain area, what is the level of weather-proofing these structures provide?

We use some of the highest grade materials for constructing our sheds and have accommodated a wide variety of environments in the past. For example, for higher wind or storm areas we suggest using redwood for the framing members since redwood can withstand the elements without getting damaged over time. It’s bug and rot resistant and is a very durable and highly sustainable building material. Some other materials we use for high wind area sheds are Hurricane clips and thicker gauge roofing metal to ensure the structural integrity of the roof and its frame. We’ve got a ton of construction experience and tricks under our sleeves and love a good challenge when it comes to the elements!

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